The Music Institute

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The Music Institute...

a place where students are eager to learn and where teachers love to teach

The Music Institute developed from a love of music and the desire to provide good quality music education for adults and children.

Our teachers are well established and respected musicians who have excelled in their chosen musical discipline.

All of our teachers are active on the music scene in Ireland and have first hand experience of what it takes to succeed in music.

We actively encourage our teachers to continue creating  and performing  as we believe this fosters a deeper understanding of their craft.

We hope that our passion will be passed onto our students and that we can inspire people of all ages and abilities.

If you want to learn in a dynamic, vibrant and creative environment then The Music Institute is the school for you.

Our Aims

Embody a creative space where all genres of music are fostered

To be the music school where children and adults feel inspired to learn

Provide a springboard for students wanting to pursue music at third level and beyond

Our Ethos

Teach- We focus on providing a solid foundation in core music techniques through individual lessons. We compliment this by offering our students the unique opportunity  to participate in group sessions.  It is during the group sessions that budding musicians can hone their listening, performing and playing abilities

Motivate -  We welcome all levels of musician . We  will help students reach their musical potential and fulfil their individual goals . We recognise that for some music is a pastime and for others a career path. We have lessons tailored to both ends of the spectrum

Inspire -   We  are passionate about music and about education and we want our passion to inspire each and every one of our students.